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The barrel-making unit of the Iranian Bitumen Trading Company has been established to produce 150 and 182 kilograms of bitumen in a 6-square-meter nest in the vicinity of the company's bitumen unit. The unit has a production line of 5 barrels per day and the production barrels are transported to the storage area after leakage and staining tests. Bitumen filling operations are carried out in barrels manufactured by the barrel filler unit with three movable arms and on an area of ​​3۰۰۰ square meters. The bitumen produced in the bitumen unit stored in the main tanks is transferred to several intermediate tanks adjacent to the loading arms and used for loading the barrels through the loading arms.
Barrels: Steel grating (from 150 to 182 kg): Steel steel barrels are widely used as the main method of bitumen packaging. Bitumen metal barrels have been the most common type of packaging for the past 15-20 years.

Jambobag: Jambobag has special advantages for bitumen packaging and export. Some of these benefits include low cost of packing, light weight of packages (300kg, 500kg and 1 ton), ease of transporting bags.

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