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Iran - Bitumen Trading Company, with a production plant of over 20,000 square meters, and a modern barrel line (with a daily production capacity of 4000 barrels) and a 2500 ton professional production and production area, one of the most experienced and professional trading and production teams. The major producers are bitumen. The focus of Iran Bitumen Trading Company on quality management and fast delivery time has attracted international and reputable customers. Iran Bitumen Trading Group is ready to export its products to the international ports of the world (CFR Selling Term) ready to provide all related services in the Iranian market such as bulk and packaged bitumen supply, logistics services, bulk cargo handling, packing ), Consulting on trading and bidding, etc.
Here is a brief summary of the activities of Iran Bitumen Trading Complex: Iran Bitumen Trade: A) Bitumen Production Unit: Bitumen production unit of this company having the standard of National Iranian Standard Organization is capable of producing all penetration grades, bitumen viscosity in accordance with the latest international standards in this field. B) Barrel Making and Painting Unit: This complex has a modern barrel production line with a capacity of 2500 barrels per day. Each line is controlled by trained and trained personnel. C) Unloading, Packing and Loading Units: This complex has 1 line and field for bitumen discharge and barrel filling.

Quality products

Quality Control

Product Quality Assurance and Control Unit: The complex is equipped with a laboratory for testing and quality control of bitumen with the latest and most modern equipment and facilities, qualified professionals who are capable of performing the necessary tests, able to maintain and provide samples as per customer's request.

Iran bitumen trade




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